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The most salient differences are in Internet presence, where the public schools probably benefit from a number of federal and local programs targeting Internet connectivity. es entonces mi duda si esta frase se deberia escribir Internet" presence" or presence" Internet.
proper nouns Internet" or The" Internet" English Language Usage Stack Exchange.
Internet or The Internet. up vote 3 down vote favorite. As a proper noun, and as something commonly referred to in everyday life, I've' heard both the" internet, and internet" when using it as a noun. I went on the Internet.
What is the difference between Internet and internet? Quora.
Originally Answered: What is the difference between Internet and internet? The internet can be any interconnected-network of computers or similar things between any organisations or group of people which may not be known or accessible to the public. Internet is the kind of inter-network or internet in short which we are using now, i.e."
Capitalization of Internet" Wikipedia.
The Internet versus generic internets edit. The Internet standards community historically differentiated between the Internet and an internet or internetwork, treating the former as a proper noun with a capital letter, and the latter as a common noun with lower-case first letter.
Its Official: The Internet Is Over The New York Times.
In some ways, uppercase Internet was always a bit of an anomaly, since it is not really a proper noun comparable to a company name or an official place name. The term internet short for internetwork described any linked network of computers, so the capital I served to distinguish the global network from other internets a pointless distinction now, since internet is rarely used anymore in the generic sense.
on the internet or in the internet.
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Should the word internet be capitalised?
Or the radio. And all those words are not capitalised. According to Wikipedia, The Economist, The Financial Times and The Times do not capitalise. My instinct is that the trend is towards the lower case. Certainly, that's' my preference. Welcome to the internet.
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It takes a capital just like every other proper noun I suppose. The Queen, the Pope, the King The way in which the internet is odd is that you can't' really have an internet. Either its the Internet or its just a network.
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However, it would not be the Internet. The Internet, the one we are using right this moment to communicate with one another, is not a generic term or idea. Its a very specific network, originally created through a collaboration between DARPA, a branch of the US military, and the Bell Telephone corporation.
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Initially, there were many internets the word was used to refer to any computer network comprising or connecting a number of smaller networks; it later came to refer specifically to the global network we know today, which was distinguished as the Internet as opposed to an internet.

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